Next Generation Healthcare for San Francisco

California Pacific Medical Center, which provides health care for nearly 30 percent of San Francisco patients, is modernizing its system of care, in addition to meeting the new state earthquake safety requirements. CPMC will transform the St. Luke’s Campus into the hospital of choice for the southern section of San Francisco, ready to serve both its long-standing patient base and to attract physicians and patients for the surrounding neighborhoods. At the Van Ness and Geary Campus, the new hospital and medical office building will allow patients throughout the city to find the specialty care team and systems that support them all in one place.

The commitment to providing the next generation of health care starts with the construction of these critical facilities. CPMC and HerreroBOLDT are partnering to deliver San Francisco the next generation of health care on schedule and on budget. Our Integrated Project Delivery Team is a collaboration of forerunners in innovative construction concepts, Earth-friendly efficient design and state-of-the-art medicine. Together, our goal is to deliver seismically safe and patient-centered medical facilities.

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